Recovering Success
Recovering Success

Season 1, Episode 1 · 2 years ago

At your fingertips


10-14-2019 Limited knowledge and Limiting beliefs. How does it affect you? Changing the way you think.

Well, good Monday morning to you. To Day is the fourteenth of October, and welcome to coffee with Tom to day's subject at your fingertips. A lot of you out there know me. My name is Tom Hampton. I've been in and around this industry for a long, long time. For the past thirteen years I've had the honor and privilege of spending over thirty thousand hours with you guys, learning from you. Now it's my turn to pay it back. For the next eleven weeks, this is going to be just a series of three minute, five minute seeds that I'm out here to plant. I want you guys to listen. That's all I'm asking. Listen and think it's a beautiful day out their kids, and it's going to be what you make of it. No, look, I work with guys, ingals a long, long time in this business and I can tell you this. I worked with entrepreneurs for over twenty five years. Two things stand between you and...

...your success limited knowledge and limiting beliefs. Well, let's conquer the first one right out of the shote. Limited knowledge, well, it's at your fingertips. Come on, we've got the Internet out there and if we can't find it, it doesn't exist, so to speak. That's what a lot of folks believe. I can google anything and there's the answer. That's someone's answer. That might not be the answer. Look at where you're at in your dealership, because I will tell you this, if you want your dealership to improve, you have to improve. They have a direct correlation. The better... are, the better your dealership is. So this may be challenging to a lot of you out there, but we're going to be working on you, not your dealership. All right, at your fingertips. Look at where you're at in your business. Where do you consider your weak points? All right, let's put a little knowledge behind it. Do you need to join an organization? Do you need to travel and take a workshop? Do what you've got to do to move yourself forward. Do it carefully, make sure you've got things covered and roll with it. And you know, if you got to take an online course and do it at eleven o'clock at night, so be it. It's at your fingertips. Right now, we control our schedule, although it feels like our schedule can control us as we begin to...

...put on our calendar. Okay, I'm going to learn this. If my weak spot is F and I I can kind of get around with Westlake. I know a little bit about see AC, but if I'm dealing with a big boy bank, I'm kind of run in blind here. Then I'm going to find a finance manager. I'm going to pay him or her to teach me so that I understand the game. When you understand the game and you understand the rules, that's knowledge. Now you can move forward. Okay, this that doesn't work. I learned how to take this deal apart, restructure it. Now it works. Now they'll accept it. Now it just made a sale. You know, folks say that Consultants, Oh man, they're just expensive. Excuse me, just because I can do it in thirty hour, or excuse me, I can do it in thirty minutes. It took me ten years to learn how to do it in thirty minutes. You're paying...

...for the ten years. So we're not all fluff and gruff. Look, these podcasts are here for you. So begin to see where, what knowledge do you need, and go from there create a great day. This is Tom Hampton.

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