Recovering Success
Recovering Success

Season 1, Episode 4 · 3 years ago

Empower your staff


10/17/2019 - Feeling like there aren't enough hours in the day? Empower your staff; Delegate. Grow as a family and watch your dealership thrive!

Well, great Thursday morning to you today, the seventeenth of October, and welcome to the coffee with Tom Today's topic empower your staff. Yesterday subject was teaching your staff. Today's subject is empowering your staff. Along with limited knowledge comes with US limiting beliefs, and you're going to hear this one from me several times during this series. Most of us think as owners, we have twenty four hours in a day and at the most we got to put eighteen in. After that we got to get some form arrest. Excuse me, you have as many hours in a day as you can buy. Remember that. Look, I'm the owner. I got a lot of things I got to get done. So the smart thing sit down, take ten minutes, make a list of everything I got to get done that day. Just get some kind of quasi organize. That the first step. Then from there,...

...look that list. What can I only, only, only, only I do. From there start looking at who I can delegate that to on my team. Begin to empower them a little bit. I got somebody good at detailing, making sure all the little stuff's done. I wist start handing that checklist off to them. I must start paying them a little bit extra money and take a load off my plate. Look, as an owner, on the short side, your time is where two hundred bucks an hour? Are you going to pay somebody two hundred dollars an hour to run a car or a shop? MMM, you did. You did it yourself. Have somebody do it. Speaking a checklists, highly suggest you go out there and you get a master checklist for your recon find one that works for you. Every single car. Dude, this is my standard. You pay a hundred bucks to your mechanic run this checklist. Let me know. You look the checklist,... decide from there. You can even use that checklist as a selling tool later. Hey, Mr Jones, here's what I fixed. Here's what I didn't fix. Now, if you want all this stuff fixed, here's the price of the car. That's legit. You can do that. So think about this, folks. This is about putting money in your pocket. This is about making you more effective in your day and what you're doing. Yeah, we really do have a limited hour, so to speak, and the hours are limited to what we want to get done and how much we want to get done. As you grow, if you are the business and it'll never grow past you, every large business delegates. They have project managers, as we talked in the last as your employees know your your master vision. Start breaking it down in little pieces and put people over the project.

If if one of your goals is to make your lot the prettiest in town, Hey fix someone. Pay Them, pay them to Rambrondi keep an eye on em, coach em through the process, make them better. As you make them better, you make yourself better. That's what this is all about, is improving ourselves, improving our dealerships, improving our people. I can tell you this. I am nothing without my team behind me. They support me in ways I don't know about. They watch out for me and, let me tell you what, don't go against any one of my team. You got me. That's not pleasant. We watch out for each other, we work with each other and we work for each other. So Start Finding people that you can pass things to, little things, give me, try, givem a test. Work with them. It's going to make your Lafe a whole lot easier. Go out then, created a great day and thanks...

...for having coffee with Tom. This is Tomhampton.

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