Recovering Success
Recovering Success

Season 1, Episode 2 · 2 years ago

Identifying your weaknesses


10-15-2019 Have you stepped back and taken a look at the everyday going-ons of your dealership? Start paying attention to the little things that are affecting the way your business runs.

A good Tuesday morning to you. To Day is October fifteenth. Welcome to coffee with Tom. Today's subject identifying your weak spots. Okay, in our last podcast we talked a little bit about where your dealership is, where you need to be. Let's look at some resources around you. If you know other guys that are super, super successful in certain areas and you don't feel you're strong there, hey, dude, a steak dinner and a bottle of chefs are regal can go a long way in your knowledge level. But you you've got to be able to be willing to see where your weak points are. If you don't know, have somebody come in, have them shop you, have them give you an honest opinion. Hey, you know, when I walked on your lot, it look like crap. Or you know, your salespeople were out front and I walk little cloud of smoke or whatever. See where your weak points are. Find Out. You've got to know.

Look, there's a lot of competition out there for US, huge amount. A lot of boys and girls got big bucks. Some of us, hey, we're scratching every day just to pay bills. We're all in the same game. People in this town, people in this city, people in this nation all want the same thing decent transportation, dependable transportation at a fair price. Not Everybody wants a cheap car. They want something. No matter what they got, they know it's going to run okay. We can fill that bill, whereas our weakness is our weakness and a ricon is our weakness. And advertising where? where? where? This is where we really have to start looking at questions, looking at other dealerships, calling their web pages, go shop other dealerships. So let me tell you what. You want to...

...learn something about your dealership, go buy a car somewhere else, really look at their process. Then come back and look at yours. Dude, it was so slick over there. Hey, you want to see slick, you ever get a chance? You're in Houston, go to Texas direct. That's slick. All right. We're going to wind this down, folks, but again, identify your weak spots, know where they are and start looking for ways you can solve them and put it into your schedule to get it solved. Thanks for having coffee with me. Create a great day. This is Tom Hampton.

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