Recovering Success
Recovering Success

Season 1, Episode 3 · 2 years ago

Support your staff


10 16 2019 

The people that work in your business are your family; They grow and evolve with your dealership. Have you stepped back and taken a look at the relationship between yourself and the people you interact with every day?

Good Wednesday morning to you. Today is the sixteen of October. Welcome to coffee with Tom Your topic today, support your staff. Listen, as we are in creasing our limited knowledge, we really, really need to disseminate this to our people. Okay, the quick, quickest example I can think of is compliance. We're not allowed to text from our personal phones. Most dealers don't know that. You've got to use the texting service with an opt out clause. Okay, so you got to pay money to get this done. You're protecting yourself. Now this is two layer. This also allows you, because you're using a service, you get to monitor what your sales people are saying and doing, and that's crucial. Okay, as we learn other things, as we learn certain tips and tricks in sales, in advertising, as we teach our people how to mark it, as we look at them as...

...a piece of clay to mold. Look, yeah, they're here to help make us money, whether you like it or not, the part of your family, because a business is a family and you got to treat it that way and you got to share information in the family. If your staff doesn't know that, your goal is to do this to make sure that everybody's greeted with the smile and whatever. If they don't know the goal, they can't help you reach it, and if they don't know the way you want the goal reached. That's the important part. There's got to be clarity. So as you learning this information, be sure and pass it on to all your folks out there. It's crucial. It's crucial, it's crucial. The biggest reason is crucial. The more you teach it, the better you learn it.

Real simple. If you learn a new clothing technique, well, you will definitely need to go out there and work with your salespeople. Spend the time. Watch them. Stand back, don't don't make them nervous, don't hover over them. Give them some tips tricks. PULL THEM IN. What are their strings? What are their weaknesses? What is their limited knowledge, and how can it come out of you to help them get better? You improve, you help them improve, they improve. Oh, I guarantee you your saluels will improve. That's what this is about. Eventually, the car business will truly be a symbiosis between the buyer and seller. Well, it's in the process of getting there. It's going to take some time and we got to make some changes to get there quicker. Whoever gets through the market first and truly does create a symbiotic relationship with every single customer. Oh my...

God, they are going to own the market place. Do you want to be the first one there? Well, if you do, time for some changes, time to bring everybody on board. If you got a master vision, share it, put it on the table now. I'm not asking to go out there and cast your pearls before swine, so to speak. Each of us have our own vision and some people we work with they have a very limited range in what they can see and we don't need them working against us, we need them working with us. It's building team, it's sharing information, it's understanding how the team can work. Maybe some maybe someone needs to change position. Maybe they're better in collections in there are at sales, or vice versa. Maybe you got someone in collections that'll go out there and just carve up that BDC you don't know. Well, folks, this is going to be a short raft today. Go out there and create a great... This is Tom Hampton.

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